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Mindtrek Customer Giveaway! 1-100 chance of winning this $250 Mindtrek Website Credit, which can be used at any time! Tickets are not meant for sale, as this is a giveaway, so the set price is meant to prevent reguluar ticket purchase. Tickets max per user for this lottery. Once all tickets are given away, the draw will happen. Winners will be published, and will be contacted with the credit.

Winner will get the Products mentioned in $250 Mindtrek Giveaway

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$250 Mindtrek.ca website credit

You will be notified via email if you won! 1-100 chances to win, and limited to 25 tickets per customer for this lottery.

Once all tickets are sold, the draw will happen.

Prizes will be provided 2 weeks after lottery finishes* This is not a lottery, this is a giveaway, spend $200+ to enter, or buy tickets separately for more chances.

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