Pre-roll Indica


1 gram pre-rolled Indica joint. Indicas are known to induce sedative psychoactivity, typically leading to the “body high” many users report. Most people feel a sense of full body relaxation, calming of their central and peripheral nervous system, creating a “chilled out” sensation for the user. Some people remember the effects of indica by its “couch-lock” effect. Cognitively, this strain tends to be more anti-social given that for the majority, it enhances introspection and a sense of comfort. Some people also find this strain to be a great stress reliever and sleeping aid.
nOur AAA Indica Blend Pre Rolls are great for people who want something strong and easy. We roll our buds that are too small to package and all their crystals loaded at the bottom of our jars. Perfectly packed and rolled with Raw Classic King-Sized Cone rolling papers! Comes individually sealed and rolled from a blend of our finest strains. They make great gifts and are perfect for on people on the go!
nEach and every one of our pre-rolled joints will have some kief sprinked on-top of our premium flowers for that extra touch of awesomeness.

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