CBD Full Spectrum With THC – 30ml


Anti-seizure, antioxidant, anti anxiety, pain relief , anti-inflammatory

It may also ease the symptoms of some mental health conditions and provide relief from muscle spasms.

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Mindtrek Full Spectrum is produced in BC using the highest quality full-spectrum CBD extract, this Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture can help with numerous different ailments and comes in 500mg & 2500mg sizes.

Full spectrum simply means that all of the approximately 113 cannabinoids are extracted from the plant during the extraction process. This gives full spectrum oils what’s called the “entourage effect”, meaning the sum is greater than its parts. There is evidence that the medical effects of cannabis are amplified when the whole plant is used, as opposed to isolating just the CBD or the THC.

** The 2500 mg option has a higher level of THC and may cause a minor “high” from the THC. **

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1500mg, 2500mg