Psilocybin Mushrooms: Therapeutic Effects

Psilocybin Mushrooms

The ritual use of psilocybin began over 3000 years ago. Many people in many cultures see them as a way to connect with those around them and as a path to spiritual enlightenment.

Psilocybin targets serotonin receptors. It does not react directly with dopamine receptors. It has very low toxicity, even at higher doses. When it comes to therapeutic doses, be careful not to overdo it. You can swallow another gram at any time one hour after the first gram of the trigger.

Another common treatment is LSD or psilocybin microdosing. Microdosing has been shown to eliminate cluster headaches and help people fight drug addiction, anxiety, and deep-seated problems. LSD and psilocybin are the doses of choice and are due to some of the major technological advances over the last decade.

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However, microdosing is creative, it is a cure and it works.

From the clarification and organization of his mind to the simplicity of our similarities and our beautiful differences. When used in combination with music and other art forms, it is one way to increase the therapeutic effect. Fly agaric fungi, especially fly agaric or amanita microdosing, are used by stroke victims to make new connections in the mind and initiate synapses.

Such self-medication has changed the lives of many for us over the centuries. And as psychedelics and other psychedelics become more and more integrated into society, more and more people will benefit. Considering mushrooms as a form of pure relaxation, even those who are not willing to cure their illness or depression are willing to reap good. Laughter, fractal hallucinations, and attribution heal, whether or not a person is trying to heal.

Psychotropic mushrooms are also a great way to connect with your deep spiritual self and those that inspire you.

With a little concentration and channeling of thoughts, you can enter to find answers, questions, spiritual questions, and endless sources of love and creativity.

Of course, there is also the possibility of a “bad” trip using psychedelics. We all heard and experienced horror stories where mirrors are not friends, thoughts go to dark places, and even darkness is experienced instead of the spirit-based type of light that should be abused. .. Psilocybin is less likely to release you from blows than LSD or the more powerful hallucinogens, but it is possible.

When mushrooms are used for therapeutic purposes, complex thinking processes and memories can easily surface.

They may even be needed to deal with what you are trying to tinker with. From PTSD to obsessive-compulsive disorder, cluster headaches to end-of-life care, from cancer to paralysis, psychedelic drugs have been shown to relieve the fear associated with these conditions and events.

It is imperative to embark on a therapeutic journey with a previous mindset that is therapeutic in itself. Do not open the mild anxiety that may occur while the mushrooms come to mind. It is very important not to be afraid as much as possible. If it’s the horror you’re trying to overcome, experience the work through a guided thinking process that accepts, accepts, and engages not only the shores through colored and breathable walls but also those horrors. It is important to expect to do.

Mushrooms will guide you and keep your thoughts free.

Play music that flows like pure spring water. See beautiful works of art and psychedelic tie-dyeing. You can see the color when you close your eyes. Once you find a comfortable place to sit, you can close your eyes and step into the galaxy to collect the answers you’re looking for.

The therapeutic effect of mushrooms is magical in itself and benefits many. They are intertwined with the mental connections that can be felt, especially at high doses. Traveling psychonauts, often ingested shaman-sized psilocybin, feel part of a “grid” that runs from the fingertips to the galaxy, wrapping nature and traversing it with almost no electric current. A sense of human direction. Looking at things on a very large scale can make you feel brilliantly small, but there are particular opportunities. Enjoy its natural psychedelic fruit on this planet.

If you are not ready to take you to the stars and return to your state of mind when the mushrooms appear, low doses that may be considered moderate can return to that third-level psychedelic experience.

I feel lost in the world. Maybe things have changed irreversibly. Maybe we lack direction and it eats up their days. But if you feel lost, mushrooms can literally open the way to the next level of life games. They can “lead the way” or show the way they should not follow. often,

The unenchanted one is another type that greatly benefits from psilocybin. Magic mushrooms, like Cubensis and Freedom Hats, are captivated by everything around them, including the breathing air. If they feel that life is no longer magic, magic mushrooms are a real cure if taken with the intention of opening spells and pausing possible distrust.

If he’s obsessed with negativity, sarcastic, disillusioned, lost, and angry, a mushroom diet may be the best solution.

Follow in the footsteps of a tech genius and start with a one-eighth or one-quarter gram microdose. It’s a treatment that can be done daily and has immediate effects, but the real benefit is the long-term effects. Feel your mind open to new possibilities for weeks. The possibility that things may not be as bad as they look. When things are miserable and you can’t do anything about it, mushrooms create a sense of acceptance and belonging. You can increase your dose when performance surfaced and your mind relaxed.

Fortunately, I hope you are safe and can find the answer and cure you are looking for.

Five Levels of Psychedelic Experience

  • Of all psychedelics, cannabis is the mildest and falls into this category. Cannabis is a fortified plant that goes deep into music, begins to soften lines of perception, and creates a sense of connection.
  • High doses of cannabis or low doses of psilocybin result in a second level. With your eyes closed, you can see colors and shapes, reveal unexpected thoughts and ideas, create light hallucinations, and soar your creativity.
  • The third level is achieved by taking what is considered a “normal” dose of LSD or psilocybin. This is where the walls breathe or melt, where sacred geometry is regenerated behind the eyelids, revealing deep, spiritual and therapeutic ideas.
  • The fourth is the strongest dose you can take and you still have some kind of hold. It is more associated with dissociative ideas. A strong image appears and it is very likely that a deeply spiritual or extra-world experience will occur. Epiphany appears and perception improves at all levels.