Magic Mushrooms: Side Effects and Helpful Use

Magic Mushrooms: Side Effects and Helpful Use

When it comes to natural drugs that can be found easily in the wild, the one that has been researched the most and is talked about is magic mushroom. From the way it is found in nature, to how it can be used as a psychedelic to its myths, risks and effects. There is so much that is not known and so much that is miscommunicated. Thus, in this article, you will be told about Magic Mushrooms in brief detail.

Brief Description of Magic Mushrooms

Now, magic mushrooms are naturally occurring mushrooms. That is one of the reasons why they can be found in abundance and there cannot be control on their growth. Because they occur in the wild. They contain a substance within themselves called psilocybin. It is basically a psychoactive drug that can be easily found in the shrooms.

The Psilocybe Cubensis is a type of mushroom that provides the user with psychoactive compounds and provides the high that magic mushrooms or shrooms give. The psychoactive compound found in the plant is called Psilocybin and is considered a Schedule 1 drug by the Substance Abuse Organisation.

Potential Side-Effects of Using Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms can have severe side-effects, especially for a person who may be taking it for the first time or someone who has never taken and enhancing drug. That is why it needs to be controlled the first time it is tried.

It can cause side-effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Paranoia
  • Vivid Hallucination
  • Psychosis

Most commonly, shrooms have been used for high spiritual connections as it makes you hear, see and feel things that you wouldn’t normally sober. This is one of the reasons why many gurus and spiritual healers advocate for it. However, there have been instances where using magic mushrooms has caused a bad high for people where they then need to be taken to the hospital. The paranoia and panic are not good for people with anxiety or high stress. Moreover, that topped with hallucination could possibly lead to a “bad trip” that could potentially harm the user.

What are Micro-Dosing Mushrooms

Researchers have figured out a new way to introduce magic mushroom use. But in a way that it doesn’t give of the horrible side-effect. The process is called a micro-dosing mushroom. What it typically means is that the mushroom only uses its minimum psychedelic properties. It can be helpful for relaxing and can be used in certain disorders to help relax.

If you live in Canada or are looking to buy shrooms in Canada, then you are in the right place. The first dispensary of micro-dosing mushrooms was introduced in Vancouver. They are provided to the user in the right amount. So, it helps them rather than hinder them in any way.

So, whether you were aware of magic shroom before or you weren’t, you now know what they are and what are the risks attached to using it. Therefore, why not choose to get a micro-dosed mushroom. It will help you give you the high but protect you from the risks.



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