Magic Mushroom in Canada: 6 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Magic Mushroom in Canada

What is Magic Mushroom?

Shroom is known to have a powerful psychedelic effect when ingested. The main substance responsible for these effects is called psilocybin (which is then converted in the body to psychoactive psilocin).

What is the effect of Magic Mushroom?

Strong psychedelic effects can be experienced after consuming magic mushrooms such as euphoria, changes in thinking mechanisms, hallucinations, synesthesia, and changes in perception of time. Mushroom trips average about 4-6 hours.      

Is Magic Mushroom Safe?

Magic mushrooms are considered the safest recreational drug due to their low toxicity and very low likelihood of addiction.

How can I consume Magic Mushrooms?

The most common ways to consume magic mushrooms are:

  • Eat these mushrooms
  • Make mushroom tea
  • Swallow mushroom capsules
  • Prepare edible mushroom products

How to administer Magic Mushroom?

An important part of the journey is to start with low to medium doses, especially if this is your first time. If you want to be 100% sure of your dose, you can use the aid to calculate the complete amount.

Can Magic Mushrooms be used for microdosing?

Magic mushrooms are one of the most popular microdosing substances. They are safe, natural, and tend to have productive and entertaining effects.

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