Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Review

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden teacher mushrooms! A spiritual classic that has existed for centuries. The shiny yellow gold cap and wise lessons give this mushroom seed a legitimate name. With this psilocybin cubensis mushroom cultivation kit, you can expect medium to large mushrooms with wide caps that are ideal for printing spores. 

Golden Teacher is one of the most popular psychedelic notes in the world for a unique psychedelic journey. Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms have a moderate concentration of psilocybin and psilocin, which makes them more psychological than just tripping. It’s also a good starting point for beginners looking for a new experience with magic mushrooms. Golden Teachers opens up a whole new world of lighting to users and deepens their connection with nature. They have a wonderful ability to heal your mind and soul.

Golden Teacher Effects

The Golden Teacher has a distinctive appearance with a wide cap and long, winding stems. It is easy to grow and is preferred by philosophers and growers. Although not the fastest growing strain, she thrives in warm conditions with good yields.

This strain has a mild potency with various effects. It is enlightening and can be revealed. It is called “Golden Teacher” because of its powerful teaching beyond experience. The journey includes visual distortion, brightness, enhanced colors, and enhanced emotions. It can also be mindful, mentally harmonious and bring happiness.

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