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Shrooms are mushrooms that contain compounds of psilocybin and psilocin. It is also known as magic mushrooms. Both compounds have hallucinogenic effects and contain more than 75 subtropical fungi. Shrooms are a big step away from marijuana, and it’s normal to be a little worried if you haven’t tried it yet. If you have any questions or concerns, please investigate or contact us directly. 

What are Shrooms?

Many species are similar and like to eat wild shrooms, but not knowing what to eat can have serious consequences. Shrooms change the user’s state of mind, so it’s best to leave the purchase to an expert.

How Do You Consume Shrooms?

Like cannabis, there are many ways to consume shrooms. Many users dislike the taste of raw and dry magic mushrooms, but this is a perfectly acceptable way to achieve the desired effect. You can also grind the amount needed to add to tea, take prefabricated pill capsules, usually the equivalent of microdosing mushrooms, and enjoy edible products such as brownies and chocolate. It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to feel the effect. An empty stomach leads to a stronger and faster rise than when in the digestive system.

Shroom: Effect and Dosage

Shrooms have many benefits that vary by dose. From simple mood boosts to complete euphoria and existential breakthroughs, users have control over their experience and vary from person to person. In general, microdosing can be considered to consume 05-25g of magic mushrooms and has no psychotropic effect, but generally reduces stress, improves mood and mindfulness, depression / anxiety / PTSD, etc. It relieves the condition and concentration enhances creativity, increased euphoria, mystical experiences, uplifting sensations, strong body height, visual effects, and synesthesia are often associated with moderate doses of 2-3.5 g.

Megadose should be booked for experienced users and offers great travel. At this level of mushroom consumption, users often experience intense mysterious emotions, life-changing philosophical ideas, ego death, intense emotions of good and bad emotions, visual hallucinations, and experiences from another world. Experience Again, this dose level should be reserved for experienced users.

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