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Blue Meanie Psilocybe Cubensis
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Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis
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Magic Mushrooms Canada: Buy Shrooms Canada Online

Here at, you’ll find the best psilocybin products at affordable prices, including magic mushrooms, foods, and capsules. Magical mushrooms have existed for thousands of years and have been used by humans for thousands of years. Many cultures consume them for spiritual or religious practice. Today, as research into the effects of psilocybin expands, these magical fungi can relieve anxiety, and key evidence is being found to understand how to relieve the symptoms of depression. Modern use of magic mushrooms is often microdose to enhance energy, creativity, and uplifting, and recreational use is massive to experience a psychedelic journey with incredible euphoria.

What Is A Shrooms?

Shrooms belong to a group of polyphyletic fungi that people use to exert their medicinal properties. When used correctly, shrooms can help you deal with a variety of physical and psychological conditions. The main component of the shrooms is known as psilocybin. It is this substance that is responsible for the psychedelic effects normally associated with shrooms.

How Does Psilocybin Work?

When ingesting psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin interacts with parts of the brain that regulate abstract thinking, thought analysis, mood, and perception. This results in the hallucinogenic effects and distortions of time and reality common to shroom use. Seeking the Magic Mushroom has become a popular medicine and continues to make its own name. This is mainly due to the wide range of therapeutic effects that magic mushrooms provide to users.

Effects of Shrooms

Below are some of the most common effects associated with shrooms use:

Before we start, it’s important to note that not all psychedelic mushrooms are the same. For example, some types of magic mushrooms contain high concentrations of psilocybin and are more powerful than mild varieties. In addition, the same strain may have different effects and potency depending on the particular batch. Farmer expertise and practice also play a major role. On the other hand, the amount of psilocybin ingested mainly determines how intense your experience is. 

Below are some of the most common effects of using magic mushrooms:

Psychological and Physical Effects

Distortion of reality, Alteration of time , Mood enhancement, Mindfulness / Open-mindedness, Enhanced creativity, Increased focus

Enhanced senses, Euphoria, Muscle relaxation, Improved neural connections, Increased energy and Numbness.

Medical Uses of Psilocybin Shrooms

The beneficial properties of magic mushrooms have been tested for centuries. After all, it is difficult to dispute that the therapeutic benefits have great medicinal properties. The magic mushroom is not completely out of shadow yet. In short, medical research on this panacea is still in its infancy. However, even in the early stages, many medicinal uses of magic mushrooms have been discovered.

Here are some of the most common medical conditions that are treated with magic mushrooms.

Depression, Anxiety, Addiction Cessation, Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions, Stress, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Cluster Headaches


Negative Effects of Magic Mushrooms

While magic mushrooms have many beneficial effects, they can also provoke negative emotions. This is especially the case due to overconsumption or improper use. Therefore, it is essential to receive proper dosage instructions and know your limits. You should always be careful and start taking slowly, giving plenty of time between doses. Here are some of the most common side effects of psilocybin mushrooms:

Psychological and Physical Effects

Decreases in mood, Confusion of senses, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Disorientation, Confusion, Paranoia, Fear.

Light-headedness, Heightened blood pressure, Muscle weakness, Increased heart rate, Upset stomach, Nausea, Elevated body temperature and Dry mouth

The best way to take a shroom

This mainly depends on the individual and his personal taste. For example, many people don’t care about the taste of dried mushrooms. Many people find it bitter and unpleasant, but others don’t care at all. In general, oral ingestion of magic mushrooms is the safest and most common method. However, you can choose from a wide variety of mushroom products.

Dried shrooms

For those who don’t mind bravely tasting the taste, dried mushrooms are a great choice. They are what most people imagine when they think of a magic mushroom.

Shroom chocolate

If you don’t like the taste of dried magic mushrooms, try chocolate mushrooms. These products are cocoa treats infused with psilocybin. This is a rich and creamy way to enjoy your medicine.

Shroom gummy

These are another delicious treat for those who don’t like the bitter taste of dried mushrooms. Mushroom gummies are similar to chocolate mushrooms and are infused with psilocybin. However, instead of chocolate, psychedelic compounds are added to the gummy mix.

Shroom capsule (tablet)

Another option is to take a medical approach with the use of psilocybin. Seeking the Magic Mushroom is the perfect product for those who don’t want the hassle of figuring out how to take it themselves. Mushroom pills are also great for those who microdose psilocybin.

Shroom tea

Magic mushroom products are also offered in the form of drinks. Mushroom tea is the most popular and most commonly used in this category. These warm treats are made by crushing dried mushrooms and immersing them in hot/warm cups of water.

Where to Buy Shrooms Online in Canada

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